Meet Natalie and Anna, the Babs behind Babs for Babes


" Babs for Babes is more than a business; it is a movement that not only encourages children through words and images of empowerment but also
helps parents and adults think of new vocabulary to share with kids. Babs for babes believes we don’t have to settle- that we can all do better, and we can all shine."

-Natalie & Anna


The Birth of a Brand 

Their story begins with a baby shower blunder awaiting the arrival of Anna's second child, Kalea. After Anna completed her shower registry, Natalie was determined to deliver the most perfect onesie to baby Kalea. Natalie found herself frustrated and disappointed after exhausting all online and in-store options with onsies that bore limiting messages like 'cute, sassy, and tough.' Certain Kalea, like all babies,
would be cute without the help of a onesie, she wanted to adorn Kalea with
words that celebrate everything that makes her unique. After the shower, babs for babes was born. Anna and Natalie then set out to fulfill the need for better inspirational messaging for our babies. 

                                                                    click logo to visit the official babs for babes website 

                                                                    click logo to visit the official babs for babes website 

"The Beatles proclaimed
that Love is the Answer.  We agree. Babs for babes believes that to inspire our
babies to dream and to aspire to a better world, we must teach them how. Love and empathy, emotional literacies, are ideas and
actions that need to be carefully taught - starting at home, on by one." The babs brand inspiration stems from all the teachers of love in the world , Natalie's mother especially, who's a lifetime teacher of love and empathy.

If asked for advice for other business beginners and entrepreneurs, Anna and Natalie reiterate taking one step at a time noting how easy it is to get ahead of yourself with speed in mind rather than integrity. "If you give all your attention to the task at hand you insure that every detail is true to you."  When asked what their favorite part is of what they do, Natalie and Anna answered, "Feeling like we are making a difference! We take great pride and enjoyment
from being the change we want to see. There is something very satisfying about
running a business based on spreading love."

What's next for the babs and their brand? 

" Charity! Lots and lots of charity." The plans plan to explore the many different ways they can be of service beyond monetary donations, but time and love put into it and of course, onsies!

So now we know the babs' boss ladies, Anna and Natalie, who intend on their business igniting a movement. Best of wishes on these loving ladies. Stay tuned to my next #ladyboss feature coming soon. 

Sincerely, Kaci