Meet Kaci:


Kaci Pedersen, CEO

For 10+ years, Kaci Pedersen has supported a multitude of brand’s marketing, social media and sales efforts making her a seasoned public relations professional.

Taking part in the work-force since the age of 14, Kaci found that regardless of her job title, she always “played publicist” to the companies that employed her. From waiting tables and retail sales to hotel receptionist and surgery patient concierge- she’s managed to always draw PR inspiration!

Following her high school career, Kaci went on to study PR at Kennesaw State University. Upon her college graduation, she realized that playing the role of publicist for brands was not only a passion, but also recognized the need for the services she was able to offer. Thus leading her to create Kaci Pedersen Public Relations.

Since launching KPPR, Kaci’s creative consulting & PR work transcends across the United States and has serviced over 20+ clients since launching the company in 2017.




Taylor Snow, Jr.Publicist & Creative Consultant

Taylor is a recent college graduate of Kennesaw State University (#hootyhoo), where she studied public relations and professional writing. Taylor contributes her PR expertise to KPPR as a Jr. Publicist & Creative Consultant.

Previously Taylor worked as a Client Services Coordinator for CAA (Atlanta Sports & Entertainment Agency) + represented the Atlanta Braves as a Tomahawk Team captain (2014-2018).

When she's not working, Taylor enjoys traveling and watching Atlanta sports (#FILA)! Check out Taylor’s recent feature in Voyage Atlanta here.